Liposclerosing myxofibrous tumor of bone

Benign fibroosseous lesion, complex mixture of lipoma, fibroxanthoma, myxoma, myxofibroma, fibrous dysplasia–like features, cyst formation, fat necrosis, ischemic ossification, rarely cartilage
Often discovered incidentally (40%), nonspecific pain (50%), pathologic fracture (10%)
Most commonly affects intertrochanteric region of femur (85% )

Relatively characteristic radiologic appearance and skeletal distribution; typically shows geographic lytic lesion with well-defined sclerotic margin; Bone may be slightly expansile; mineralization may be seen

Bone scintigraphy:
Increased activity, not as intense as in FD

CT or MR:
Intermixture of fat

Intraosseous lipoma, fibrous dysplasia

Asymptomatics may not need treatment
Curettage, bone grafting, fixation
Increased prevalence of malignant transformation

Murphey MD et al. Benign Musculoskeletal Lipomatous Lesions. RadioGraphics 2004;24:1433-1466