Fractures & Dislocations


Avulsion injuries

Stress fracture (fatigue fracture)
Tibial stress fracture
Fibular stress fracture
Calcaneal stress fracture
March fracture

Insufficiency fracture:
Para-acetabular insufficiency fracture

Pathological fracture:

Occult fractures: Occult fractures
Bucket Handle fracture = Corner fracture

Paediatic fractures:
Epiphyseal injuries
Torus fracture = Buckle fracture Bowing fracture
Green stick fracture
Toddler's fracture = spiral hairline fracture of mid tibia
Little League elbow
Nursemaid elbow = long axis of radius may not intersect capitellum on AP and lateral views
Wagon wheel fracture = distal femoral epiphysis from the main portion of the femur in a child


Linear fracture
Depressed fracture
Petrous temporal fracture

Face and Mandible:
Tripod fracture
Isolated zygomatic arch fracture
Fracture alveolar process of maxilla
Blow out fracture of orbit
LeFort fractures
Fracture mandible

Cervical spine:
Atlas fractures
Axis fractures
C3-C7 fractures

Thoracic spine:
Burst fracture
Chance fracture = Seat belt fracture

Lumbar spine:
Compression fractures
Porotic fractures
Dashboard fracture
Jumper fracture

Pelvis and Sacrum:
Duverney fracture = fracture iliac wing
Malgaigne fracture

Acetabular fractures
Para-acetabular insufficiency fracture
Sacral fractures
Jumper fracture = Transverse fracture of upper sacrum (suicidal attempt)

Sternal fracture
Rib fractures
Sternoclavicular joint injury

Clavicle and scapula:
Clavicle fracture
Scapular fracture

Shoulder joint and Arm:
Hill Sachs lesion
Bankart lesion

Elbow and Forearm:
Radial head fracture
Diaphyseal Fractures of forearm
Essex-Lopresti injury
Galeazzi Fractures and Dislocations
Monteggia Fracture-Dislocations
Chisel fracture = Incomplete radial head fracture
Panners disease = fragmentation of capitellum
Nightstick fracture = Parry fracture = isolated ulnar shaft fracture
Nursemaid elbow

Wrist and Hand:
Carpal injuries
Colles fracture
Smith fracture
Barton fracture
Chauffeur fracture = Backfire fracture = Lorry driver fracture = Hutchison fracture = Radial styloid fracture with radiocarpal joint extension
Scaphoid fracture
Kienbocks fracture
Triquetral fracture
Scapholunate dislocation
Hook of Hamate fracture = Golfer wrist (non-dominant hand)
Locked metacarpophalyngeal joint
Dislocation of 5th CMCJ
Boxer fracture = Brawler fracture = fracture neck of 4/5th metacarpal
Bennett fracture
Rolando fracture
Gamekeeper's thumb = Skier pole thumb = Skier thumb = Break dancer thumb = Base of PP of thumb
Jersey Finger = Avulsion fracture of base of distal phalanx of a finger, most common is ring finger (common in American football players)
Mallet finger = Baseball finger = Dropped finger

Hip joint and Thigh:
Dashboard fracture = Posterior rim of acetabelum fracture
Fracture neck of the femur
Isolated greater trochanter fracture
Isolated lesser trochanter fracture = patholgical unless proved otherwise
Periprosthetic hip fracture

Knee and Leg:
Patellar fractures
Tibial plateau fracture
Fibular stress fracture
Wagon wheel fracture = distal femoral epiphysis from the main portion of the femur in a child
Bumper fracture = Cotton fracture
Pellagrini Stieda lesion
Segond fracture
Tibial stress fracture

Ankle and foot:
Calcaneal fractures
Runner fracture = Stress fracture of distal fibula 2 inches above lateral malleolus
Lover's fracture = calcaneal fracture due to fall from height
Calcaneal fractures
Calcaneal stress fracture
Snowboarder fracture = fracture lateral process of talus
Cuboid dislocation
Lisfranc fracture dislocation
Fracture base of 5th metatarsal = Dancer's fracture
Jones' fracture = Fracture base of 5th metatarsal distal to tuberosity
March fracture = stress fracture of one of the metatarsals
Frieberg's lesion