Anatomy: ankle ligaments

Lateral collateral ligament:
Anterior talofibular ligament: Best visualized on axial images
Posterior talofibular ligament: Best visualized on axial images
Calcaneofibular ligament: best seen on coronal plane, extends deep to peroneal tendons, from apex of lateral malleolus to small tubercle on lateral aspect of calcaneus

Medial collateral ligament (deltoid ligament):
Superficial layer:
Tibionavicular ligament
Tibiocalcaneal ligament:
longest, 2 cm in length and 1cm wide at insertion
Tibiospring ligament
Deep layer:
Anterior talotibial ligament
- weaker, thinner
Posterior talotibial ligament - strongest of the medial collateral ligament complex

Superficial layer is traingular, where as the deep layer is rectangular.
Deep layer is intra-articular, covered by synovium

Tibiofibular ligaments:
Anterior tibiofibular ligament
Posterior tibiofibular ligament

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